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International expert training in

Hydrogen Technologies and Fuel Cells
< Coordina: Fundación San Valero - España >

R e s u l t s

1.- European curricular design of an educational profile related to renewable energies and hydrogen technologies.

2.- Publication of a basic manual with educational contents for training of trainers and professionals from related sectors.

3.- To develop two training pilot actions of training for trainers at international level ; one in presence modality and another one in e-learning.

4.- Specific dissemination products in several languages (web, CD-ROM, leaflets, video...).

5.- Final congress with participation of authorities and experts from the EU in education and sectors related to renewable energies and the new hydrogen technologies.

6.- Final valorisation through a pilot training action of users linked to the Hydrogen Technologies and the International Exhibition Zaragoza 2008.

7.- Continuity and transfer of actions and results of the project through the consolidation of an international observatory of prospective for expert qualification in renewable energies based on the inter-institutional cooperation at EU level.

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