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International expert training in

Hydrogen Technologies and Fuel Cells
< Coordina: Fundación San Valero - España >

The project

Approved by the European Union within the framework of the Leonardo da Vinci Programme, this is one of 18 innovation pilot projects selected in Spain in the 2006 call.

The scope of intervention

The project is focused on the field of renewable energies, and more specifically, on the new hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, in agreement with the so-called “European Hydrogen Road Map” that fosters new applications and the growing use of these clean technologies, in accordance with the international commitments adopted by the EU under the Kyoto Protocol.


The project anticipates forthcoming expert qualification by developing prospective actions, as an European observatory, in collaboration with the business sector, the institutional, the scientific and the teaching ambits interested in the Hydrogen-based Technologies ambit and renewable energies.

This prospective action will be completed with the elaboration of a European curricula design and training contents supported by the international cooperation of excellent entities in the scientific, technical and pedagogical ambits and the development of a demonstrative experimentation orientated to validate quality products and results.

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